Victory Lap

On August 9, 2017, the Preservation Trust of Vermont is pleased to announce the release of request for concept regarding the next phase of the stewardship for the 22 acres. Please, read the request for the requirements, information and acceptance deadline to submit your proposal.

During the initial ACT 250 hearings and subsequent negotiations to conserve the land at Exit 4, it was not a sprint, it was a marathon. Once the prime agricultural land was conserved, it became a sprint to conserve the last 22 acres. We crossed the finish line due to all the wonderful donors before the 2 month imposed deadline. As of July 17th, 2017, Preservation Trust of Vermont took ownership of the 22 acres. A victory lap, indeed!

All 172 acres at Exit 4 saved from development! To be forever preserved for farming and for anyone traveling to and from this Interstate 89 gateway of Randolph, to enjoy the incredible quintessential Vermont view.

Just because our grass-root effort to preserve the land and view-shed accomplished its goal, there is still work to be accomplished. Preservation Trust of Vermont is proceeding with finding a custodian of the land. Also, there is to be public access to a walking trail around the 22 acre perimeter;  a potential labyrinth to guide people through various perspectives of the view-shed; and places to sit and enjoy the wonderful mountain and open space views. All those components take planning, installation, and maintenance.

Please, stay tuned to these pages as we will keep informing visitors to the progress.  In the meantime, take a moment to review  how far we came in our quest to conserve Vermont farmland, scenic views, and downtown Randolph. Then read the wonderful outcome from our fundraising effort. Finally, we couldn’t have said it any better and Brian Shupe, from Vermont Natural Resources Council, did by writing an editorial about his impressions working with the Randolph community.

Members of Exit 4 Open Space thank those individuals and groups who brought this opportunity, through hard work, negotiation and compromise, to its desired outcome:

Castanea Foundation
Conservation Law Foundation
Preservation Trust of Vermont
Jesse ‘Sam’ and Jinny Sammis
Vermont Natural Resources Council
Every individual and corporate donor
Everyone who stepped up and provided their support, time, encouragement, and expertise when it was needed

To view the finished version of the below video, click here.

Exit 4 Open Space is a group of Randolph area residents who believe that the proposed development of the “Green Mountain Center” at Exit 4 would permanently damage the working landscape of this region, the viability of our unique downtown, and local tourism. This mixed use project, totaling 1,150,000 square feet located on 172 acres, would have replaced an iconic view shed and prime agricultural land with large-scale development designed to profit non-local entities, which would have adversely impacted our local economy.  The promise of good jobs for local people has been elusive at other, similar, interstate development projects. The community we cherish would never recover if the proposed development proceeds.  Also, large-scale development at Exit 4 would damage this valuable resource appreciated by travelers through central Vermont.

Therefore, we came together as Exit 4 Open Space to alert the citizens of the region as to the consequences of this development proposal.   We performed research, attended hearings, provided testimony, distributed information and spared no effort to protect our way of life based in a working landscape, not urban sprawl. 

Willie Nelson singing old standard about the Green Mountain State, Moonlight in Vermont. Take a listen…no mention of concrete, steel, or asphalt